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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 Major Predictions (The Masters)

Hi and welcome  to first of my blog posts for 2016. 
So lets start with many fans favorite golf major The Masters .
The Masters tournament will be held on April 7 - 10 and should be a massive show down between the new three kings of golf, Jason Day , Jordan Spieth &  Rory Mcilroy?
Is it really going to be the shootout that everyone wants to see?
Well it certainly could be but only if all three bring their A games with them. All the three know their way round Augusta and can tear the course apart with the games they have but can one of them keep the consistency throughout the the whole tournament?
The guy most likely to do this has got to be Spieth consistent high quality is a huge part of his arsenal as he showed last year his short game and its consistency dealt a hammer blow to everyone else in the field last year and handed him the Green Jacket.  
Rory has something else there's no denying it when he on he's just untouchable I think everyone can agree to that. Rory has turned it on at Augusta but of course everyone can remember the final round collapse in 2011 holding a four shot lead. Now this is a lifetime away for Rory and with this in mind if he stepped on to the first tee with this lead in hand in 2016 he would complete the grand slam and be fitted for the Green Jacket before he teed off, but with the strength of the other two guys in the competition can this lead ever be accomplished?
Now to Jason he has a 2nd and a 3rd at Augusta so his record does show he has pedigree at Augusta. He doesn't seem to start well at Augusta but he builds steady but has yet to really cement four good rounds in Georgia. This could be his year but only if he bucks his trend of a steady start to the competition and shoots a good score in the first round. If he does this he could be the one with the Green Jacket?
So now to my prediction for The Masters 2016 
For me the winner of the Green Jacket in 2016 will be Rory Mcilroy . 
I know I can hear you saying well that's an obvious choice your not sticking your neck out there fella, but that's just it Rory's time has come Jordan will be under a massive amount of pressure before he even arrives as will Rory of course but Rory had this last year and only got used to it before the fourth round started by then it was all over for him.
This year Jordan will have the extended engagements with the press to deal with as well as everything else he will have to do as the tournament unfolds and I feel this will need to be managed too much for Jordan to go out and play to the same level as last year.
Jason will be there or there about's but I see him having the steady start and not really shooting low scores around the weekend which leaves me with only Rory standing at the end of the tournament he is the best when he's firing he added more events before Augusta to keep him on the edge he's fit he's hungry for this and he will make the grand slam, I think this is his year!

Thanks for looking, please leave comments I would love to hear what you think.